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@ThisStage Magazine 

"During the warm-up, these actors are literally inseparable, stretching and clinching, twisting around each other, hoisting and counter-balancing each other’s weight. They vault into each other’s arms and drum on each other’s bodies. Even were Shine Darkly, Illyria not a highly physical show, this kind of exercise would not necessarily be out of place. When you play with Fugitive Kind, you play hard and get close."

Shine Darkly, Illyria Reviews 

"This play succeeds on every level. It is  impossible to pick out a standout  performance, set, costume, or direction.  Everyone on the stage and behind the  scenes triumphed." -Discover Hollywood

The Huffington Post Review

"For lonely hearts who fear the prospect of dying alone, there’s the thought provoking and enchanting The Fire Room, written by Meghan Brown and directed by Amanda McRaven at the Actor’s Company Theatre in West Hollywood as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival."


Shine Darkly, Illyria Script 


It’s this island that’s so beautiful it hurts you but there’s this ugliness to it, too.


The grandeur of the past suffocates the present. The island is sublime and grotesque and perfectly its own.

THE ILLYRIANS gather, expectant.            They’re a gorgeous wild rowdy                      too big too loud                                  collection of ids.

Review Highlights

"Fugitive Kind Theater is the presenting company, which for eleven years has engaged in creating boundary-breaking shows. This production takes the group to new heights."     -Broadway World Review